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Il Braccio Di Trani

“It is not the conjunction of the light of the sky and the sea that gives so much immaterial brightness, so much glassy and sepulchral diaphanousness to the cathedral of Trani: it is the cathedral that makes the sea bright, that makes the sky transparent, making visible the ancient and eternal inhabitants, the heroes, the Gods, the evil spirits who dare not approach his hand raised.” Guido Ceronetti

I never thought a breakwater could hold so many stories together. I always saw the beach as the place for summer, but Trani —an Italian city anchored in time— is special. Its iconic Cathedral, mirrored in the water of the Adriatic Sea, connects to the breakwater called “Il Braccio di Trani” (The Arm of Trani).

This is an ongoing photo-essay started in the summer of 2019, with the aim of capturing the charming moments experienced in “Il Braccio”, and how the people do not succumb to the digital era, with a lifestyle that is simple, yet complete and full of integrity.